I matriculated in '82, Airforce for 2 years from '83 to '85, and then working full time as an electrical apprentice, and part time Club DJ in some of the worst and best clubs in Jo'burg, music just became a very critical component of my life.

I've always enjoyed a wider than normal variety of music, but, deep down, the 80's was ALWAYS the era that I enjoyed. A time when being a kid was awesome, no responsibilities, big adventures, and first loves. It was also a sign of changing times, new inventions, technology coming to the fore, gadgets being invented, new cars and bikes, political change, and so much more for everyone who grew up in that time.

With the advent of the Internet, my fascination and obsession with the 80's was again re-kindled, there's sooo many resources for information, so much that can be discovered, and even some stuff about BIG 80's bands I didn't even know. So, besides all the club stuff I still enjoy, I always prefer playing a good few choooons from the 80's, and the parties still rock when these sometime forgotten songs come out to play. Check out these "flashes" from the 80's, and see how many you can remember.

Besides all the cool music from the 80's, do you remember the MOVIES which we were party too? Any of these ring any bells???