BMW "Drei K Cafe' Racer project - NOW SOLD

So, here's a small blog on my 2nd Cafe build, the K, another BMW, but this is a triple, and sounds fantastic. As pictured when Max got it home with all it's old fairings etc still on the bike. As this was Max's 2nd build, he'd already done a few weeks of work when I decided AGAIN, top buy it from him. Once that deal was cleared, and the bike went through roadworthy, Max delivered it to my place, and I proceeded to rebuild to my idea of a Cafe' Racer.

This is what the bike looked like when I decided to buy it. You gotta kinda squint and squash your eyes up to see the finished result.

I even "built" a dedicated bike stand to make life easier when working on the bike. The previous bike done on the floor was a back-breaker. Here with "her" just having been pushed onto the ramp.

Here you can see better the work ahead. The idea is the completely strip down the bike, properly clean and repaint and then rebuild, and custom make a bum-box and colour code the bodywork. Internally the motor and gearbox is good.

What I expect it should kind-of look like once done. A bit of this,

some of this

and especially this

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