BMW "Drei K Cafe' Racer project

So, I had taken 2 weeks leave while Dee had gone to the UK to see her Mum and move her to her Sister's house, I decided no time like the present, and got stuck into the bike. Things kind of flew along from that point. I stripped the bike in about 6 hours flat.

Here a close-up of the side. Max had already done a basic cleanup so it doesn't look too bad.

Plenty scratches and years of old dust and road grime. Basic neglect.

So, like a pregnant woman, haa haa, I put her in straps and started tearing her apart. Tank off and seat off.

Wheel off, electronics coming out, and a lot of nuts and bolts.

Eventually, if you take off enough nuts and bolts, this happens...

Now the corrosion and dirt becomes visible. Old block hadn't been cleaned ever I don't think. But look at those three throttle bodies.. mmmmmmm....


The area above the swing arm was just as bad, with lots of stuff thrown up from the road.

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