BMW "Drei K Cafe' Racer project

Once all stripped down and in pieces, I started cleaning the motor area. Lots of steel wool and thinners etc. The Radiator was cleaned up and resprayed. Looks good as new.

Then the motor area. Scrubbed that block down and cleaned it up, taped it all and sprayed Hi-heat silver. Then the same thing done with the black side panels and valve cover, sump etc.

Progress coming along nicely. Going from front to back.

As I did the previous bike, I used my "travel-mule" and bought a pile of bits in the UK, including Stainless Bolt Kits, new badges, mirrors, gaskets etc. So once that goes on, the Bike will really start to look good.

The front Discs also got a quick once-over.

I inspected all the existing radiator hoses, and gave them all a good cleaning, and ready for re-assembly.

Sitting in a deck-chair, staring at the motor and comtemplating progress..

Swingarm still to get done. Final drive was taken off and and serviced, oiled, and sprayed.

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