BMW "Cafe' Racer" project



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Sometime in 2010, I started getting this urge about wanting to own a "Cafe Racer".. No specific reason other than to just HAVE one.. Chatted with my good friend Max about this, and looked up a ton of pictures off the various forums. Max said if he were to do this project, he'd only use a BMW, because he knew them well, and they also look the part when properly done. Anyway, didn't think much more about it, but always kept my eyes open on the classads, junkmails etc, and then out the blue, in May this year, "we" came across a project bike, a 1980 BMW R100 RS. The owner admitted he didn't have the time for the bike and so max and myself decided to buy it as a project bike.

This was the Pic he used to advertise the bike, which we thought looked awesome. However, this was the bike a few years ago, when it was still in good shape. Anyway, we bought "Herman" and trailered him home. The intended, FINISHED product is supposed to look like this.

So, got the old boy home, and we gave it a good multiple once over.

So as can be seen, he'd been a little neglected and left to the elements. So we did a little stripping down of bits, cleaned him up and prepped him for Roadworthy and Licencing.

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