BMW "Cafe' Racer" project - Page 10

Carrying on, I cleaned up the wiring loom and fitted the Headlight Holder and Electronics onto the new Brackets, and then layed up the Wiring Loom and connected various items up. I also cleaned up the clocks, and got them on.

I'd cut the Rear mudguard and took that home to respray, then mounted that up.

I dropped the tailpiece on the check the fitting and finish. I understand the need and requirement for the Rear Mudguard, but I'm not too sure if I want to keep it cut like this, or if I'm going to re-profile the sides. Will wait and see when it's closer to completion, and a pic taken from above, if the sides spoil the overall look of the tail and the Bike.

Besides to protect the Bike etc from water and dirt, the Mudguard will also act as a strength support for the rear tail lights and the Numberplate. I'm probably going to fit a dual round rear light set, and this will require the tail to be cut up and across where the lights will fit, and be mounted onto the mudguard and the tail.

From the back, it looks very nice and clean.

So I've decided the Mudguard isn't cool. It's off, and I'm getting some new Aluminium, and will make a curved mudguard out of 2 mm, from the motting, all the way over the top, and to the rear just under the tailpiece, where the Rear dual light cluster and numberplate will mount to. I want to be able to lift the tailpiece off, and not have to fiddle with the lights at all. More in a few days time.

I did however decide to fabricate an engine cover out of ABS plastic, and got that cobbled together with some Plastic Welding and a Gluegun. Coated it up with Grey Primer, and then mounted the Oil Breather, and the Ignition Switch. Also cut out a piece of Aluminium for the Gearbox top. With the Cap Screws, looks cool I think. Also a Pic of the Rear Round Indicators.. 

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