BMW "Cafe' Racer" project - Page 11

Yes, managed to get another 3 hours in. Did quite a bit. Lots of rear wiring. Built up new rear harness for Taillight and Indicators into Harness. Mounted the Stainless Steel Mudguard, Fitted Rear Light, Indicators. Max did front Brake, Braided Hose, reservoir, clutch cable, and so on.

Brake Hose, not in position yet, but nice braided hose.

So, I REALLY didn't like the Mudguard I had cut up. Took that off and binned it, bought a strip of 120 mm wide x 1.2mm thick Stainless Steel, and fabricated it like shown. Drilled two small holes at the bottom where the normal mudguard mounts. Curved properly, then two Bolts through the stock position, and then a curved thick piece of steel to support the strip under the bumbox, and then curved, and shaped to receive a single rear light setup. Looks way more nicer now.

Here, you can see the extra steel support, and how it's suspended under the bumbox, but doesn't actually touch it at all.

Nice and clean finish.

Closeup of the Indicators.. Nice.

Then I also cut and shaped two pieces of Aluminium to go over the Plastic Engine Cover I made. Finished result is hundreds..

Update. Took in the Clutch Cable and got a new one made. Got home, fitted it, and it's like nothing was shortened at all.. So have to go back tomorrow and debate.. So then I got stuck in and finished lots of outstanding issues. Sorted the Electrics.. Had to replace the toggle switch with a double pole, to switch off both main and bright beams. (I thought I'd get clever and switch off the Earth.. Then I bolted the lamp back in and it earthed to the chassis, bypassing the switch.  chop. Also made some thick rubber mounts to extend the front indicators down by 3 cm's to clear the bottom of the petrol tank..


Also had to cut the rear tail harness and feed it through the frame hole, as the seat mounts flush against that cross strut. So got that done as well.

Then cleaned up and lubed the choke and Accelerator cables, and got them in place, as well as mounting the carbs.. Now he's starting to look good.


If you carefully position the Choke collector and the Accelerator cable splitter, then route the HT lead looped from the rear of the bike, you can almost gather all three of the feeder cables to make a neat, clean look. I'll possibly cable tie them into two harnesses when the bikes running, and see if it affects the fluidness of the cables themselves. Also re-fitted the Gear selector bush, so replaced that and tightened that all up.

Looks good finished off. Some subtle chrome accenting the Aluminium of the motor.

Side Panels mounted. Look great there.

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