BMW "Cafe' Racer" project - Page 12

Saturday, the 11th of February 2012, Herman was finally wheeled off the workbench and outside. 9 Months of pretty relaxed working hours, but I wouldn't like to try add up how many man-hours between Max and myself we've put into Herman.

Outside in the Natural sunlight, he looks AWESOME, and I'm not just saying this because I've built him, but he's a really handsome looking machine, and so tiny.. Ok I'm tall and used to my Ten, but this is like, a HEAVY 50 cc scooter.. ;-)

One thing as I've mentioned previously, I've never liked the multitude of cables and wires coming down to the Carbs with these bikes, so here you can see how I've attempted to clean this up a little. Certainly looks much cleaner than normal. Gotta love the matching filters.. 

Walking around the Bike taking a Pic from each angle.

How's THAT for a SEXY little ASS.

This is an awesome angle, and really show's him off well in my opinion..

After the Twin Horns were wired up, I fitted new fuel hoses and poured in a litre of petrol to see how he survived the 9 months of dormant stripping and rebuilding. We needed to make sure he was running before we can take him to Ryno of Scorch for the last hurdle, the exhausts. Max turned the key, and gave the starter button a press. Herman barked once or twice. Max tried a second time, and after two or three cranks, he exploded into life. Choke open, he puffed a bit of smoke and was idling high.. But running. How awesome is that after 9 months of nothing really.. Yes ok we never stripped the motor, but all the electrics were stripped and redone.. Not even timing set, we put it back on the same marks where it all was.. I was just smiling from ear to ear..

Battling to get the Clutch cable length correct.. something about a "stroke".. Anyway, got the Plate done and on as well as the Mirrors.. Essentially, it's just the Exhausts now..

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