BMW "Cafe' Racer" project - Page 14

September 2012, the final finishing touches for the CR arrived in my missus' suitcase. I bought some proper looking Bar-end mirrors in the UK, as well as a pile of bits and nuts and bolts for the 1200 GS Adventure. Anyway, it was long time coming to get the Racer finished off properly.

I was also VERY lucky to find the buyer whom I sold the Bikini fairing to in March. It was lying at the Viper Lounge in Tableview for 5 months, so I managed to buy that back and fit it. It had also been resprayed way back when, so was ready to be fitted except for some mounting bracket mods.

Together with that, I managed to find an original fuelcap for the tank, so it looks original once again, and to top it all of, I decided to put a small chequered strip down the middle, to give him that real racey look.. I think that's what really finished the bike off in this guise, it just LOOKS the part.. It's really nice to ride, a little harsh in comparison to his big Adventure Brother, but still, an awesome looking bike nonetheless.


So, in ending, and placing my finished project next to the original source of inspiration, there are some similarities, but I've also deviated along my own course to get the final "look and feel", and I think anyone else doing a similar build should do that. Use basics from another person's bike to get your foundation, and then fine tune the finished result to your taste. Personally, I think my bike looks wicked, but then I'm biased... Thanks for watching. Alan.

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