BMW "Cafe' Racer" project - Page 6

The next step was to also take every But, Bolt and washer, as well as the axles, catches, and other 'bits" and get them Nickel Plated, so that the rebuild process would feature all-new look Stainless, or original Plated nuts and bolts.

Here, the left container is the Stainless Collection, and the middle, right and top containers show the Plated parts, axles, washers etc. On the far, right hand side, the new Aluminium Rearsets which we're doing "DIY".

Here you get a good idea of the nice "Satin" finish on the resprayed chassis, and the new Stainless Bolts being used, in this case, where the Coils will bolt back to the chassis under the Fueltank.

The front wheel, showing the new Single Disc.

Collected the redone shocks from MP Shocks.

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