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MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. Managed to get a few more bits done. First was the dreaded "Diode Board" woes. As we're in the Motor re-assembly part, I discovered my Diode Board had obviously shorted against the cover at some stage, thus blowing the outer "field" Diodes.. (One was completely missing!!!) This made for the repair to be a little more tricky.

Pictured here is my board after I'd already done the repair, but you can see in the bottom laft-hand corner, the board is all burnt away, literally! The circuitboard track usually goes up to the center point on the left-middle of the board, and then then up to another Diode at the top-left of the board. This was later found to also be stuffed. Anyway, this Pic show's the resin I've put over all the exposed parts of the board to help insulate it from any further possible shorting.

Here you can see the two new Diode's which I've soldered to the outer casing, and then bent the legs to meet the central Connector (y) on the Diode Board Test, and connecting with the opposite Diode. The New Diode's are much smaller than the "old technology" from 30 years back, and way more efficient. 3 Am 1000 Volt rated.. Bought 4 from Communica, Model number is: BYW96E, at something like R 4.50 each.. Once I had worked out how to do the Diode Board test correctly, and it all passed, it was then time to continue with the motor re-assembly.

Pictured below, the Electrics back in place, and all the wiring Harnesses have been cleaned, lubricated, sprayed, and re-connected. I also mounted two new Earth Straps from the Diode Board Pins to back on the Motor Block, to ensure the Earth is 100%.

Here, the Diode Board is back in, the Distributor is back on, and Max is busy setting it more or less to the original position, based on where the mounting washers were. Chance are it'll be perfect, but we'll only know in a few weeks time.

Epoxied Silver Cover goes on. Motor's looking the business...

While I was finishing the Motor, Max mounted the Front Brake Caliper. This is his custom made bracket, and an old BMW Caliper from an old BMW. Looks awesome with the new Single Disc already mounted.

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