BMW "Cafe' Racer" project - Page 8

I also decided I wanted to fit "Gators" onto the Shocks, as the finished result how I want the bike to look like has Black Gators as well. Bought these from Wes at Craig's in Maitland for R 180-00.

Here you can also see the Motor has been put back into the chassis, and the Plated Bolts put back in. NOW it's starting to look like something once again, and I'm very happy so far with the colouring and overall look.

That motor's quote a LUMP when lifted by one person. A few Finger marks here and there, but Max also taped the chassis with Masking Tape so we never even nicked the paintwork putting it back in. Clean as a whistle. When it's all finished, it'll then get a really solid cleanup done, and should look perfect.

Here's a Pic of the ID Plate back on the bike, as well as the Chassis number I "found" under the paintwork.. whew..

Here are the Spring "washers" max turned on his Lathe, and I then dremelled out the angled indent, to make them sit flat under the Nuts.

Quite a bit done tonight, and I was a little knackered, but put the tailpiece on the get an idea of how "Herman" will look when finished.  

The side profile shows the overhand, not too much at all, the rear is just past the axle line, which is the look I was going for. The Shouck mounts are clean and decent, and add to the feel of the Bike in my opinion. There will be an Aluminium Side Plate put in the Cavity below the Seat, to close up the "hole" there.. It's going to look AWESOME..

Went round and did a little more today. Here's a pic of the top yoke completed with new Nylon washers under each Shock nut. Looks nice and clean, ready for the Bar mounts.

I finally finished cleaning the 30 years of grease and much off the Gearbox. My fingers are stuffed, but the box looks good. Spent 20 minutes heaving to get that in, with no luck. So we decided to loosen the swingarm, which gave sufficient play to get the box in and settled. Whew.

Now we had a chance to check out what's what in this space above the gearbox, as the intention is to fit the Battery there. Going to have to think this out carefully, but that's another day's problem.


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