BMW "Cafe' Racer" project - Page 9

2nd January 2012. Went and did some more work on the Bike. Decided to start fitting whatever was laying around that could go back on. First was the front Mudguard. I had resprayed the stock mudguard black, but wasn't sure what I was going to do, or of I was going to cut it, or modify it. Anyway, used the stock mounting points, but reversed the bolts to leave a shiny rounded head on the outside.

I do like the finished result, it's clean, mechanically sound and will do it's job. Looks cool with the Gators now, and all the nice detailing on the wheel and the Single Disc.

Next, the Bar. I fitted the Bar mounts, as well as the Clock Holder back to the top Yoke. Naturally everything's dirty and smudged, but should look really cool when cleaned and polished. Also using the standard RS Bar, which has a nice shape to it,. not as brutal as clip-on's, but still allows sufficient angle for the controls, and they're nice and narrow. I like the finished result here, clean and bare basics.

Here you can see the details of the Plated Clock Mount Bracket, as well as all the replaced Bolts and Washers.

Then I cleaned up the two Coils, and decided to get them back on the bike, as well as doing a modification to the Ignition Module. As I've converted the Front Brakes to a Single Disc, the old, standard bracket and Dual disc y-piece isn't needed. So we cut and fabricated a small Aluminium plate which bolted to the chassis, and the Ignition module was bolted to the plate with reverse mounted counter-sunk screws.. neat and clean finish.

I also cleaned up the original cable rubber mount which sites under the tank, and fitted this, which will also hold the Cark Cables etc.

I wanted to put the Headlight on, but as I'm not entirely sure yet where the Ignition Switch will be mounted, I didn't want to make up a replacement cable harness and then have too much or too little cable run.. So that can wait until the new Battery Box is made, as I've got ideas of putting it in there. So I decided to put the Tappet Covers on and bolt them up. Also cleaned up the HT Leads and put them on. This strap below is to help keep the Center Stand in place. We've re-welded back some meat to the Center Stand, and now it's a little to vertical, so with time it'll wear in and sit properly, but nor now we've tied it in place while we work on the Bike.

Then I wanted to get an idea of what the side panels will look like. I don't want to fit the standard plastic covers back on the Bike, and got these cut out of 3mm Aluminium. When ready, I'll mount these from the inside of the bike trhough two tabs we've had welded onto the frame, which will leave the plates with a nice finish to the side of the bike.

So, 5 hours later, knackered.. decided to temporarily mount the Tank and the seat to get an idea of what it looks like. I must be honest and say I've very pleased with the look..

Herman, Looking good...

Test Sit.. Jeez, am I gonna be able to ride this monster..

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