Besides the other air-cooled cars I owned, the only "bus" I owned was an old, run down Splitty when I worked at the Wild Coast Casino. I don't have any photos of that bus, it was a Split window, dullish yellow panel van with fold out doors on the side. It went 90 km/h FLAT OUT down hills, and the trip from Port Edward on the South Coast to Durban used to take us 3 1/2 hours! But it was all about the journey. His name was "Obviously". I bought him in JHB, from a dealer in Jules Street Malvern while on an Airforce Camp around 1988. I converted him into a basic camper, very basic, which had a wooden bed with a 15' Sub under it, and it ran off a massive amp, and was driven by a walkman. It was MENTALLY loud.. When I got him back to the Wild Coast, my mate Michael used to say, surf's up, and the other dudes would be like, How we're all gonna get to the point", and they'd look at me and go "OBVIOUSLY"!!!

Roll on 30 years, and I needed a new project after the Speedster. So this is it. He, will be Red and White, and look like the Speedster, in some, weird way. Dee's also going to add a woman's touch to the interior.

This is the story of my Bay Window Camper Van.

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