June 21st, weather's been nice, so had some sunshine and chance to do stuff. I had measured off and cut new door cards, and took some material to my upholsterer to sew in some padding and seams for the doors. Managed to collect them and after hours of glueing, finally got them mounted and in place.

In the rear, I managed to finish the one side with a large panel. No window on the left hand side, so it was a lot of measuring and more glueing, but it's done. I also removed the aluminium seat support, as this would stick out and get in the way when the seats were folded down. So I drilling a hole through the steel to allow a sliding gate latch to hold up the seat. Also a little trimming of the rear seat to skim the side wall when it goes down and up.

I found a nice recessed groove to hide away some LED lighting in the van. So with some panels made up and covered and mounted, these will hopefully hide the light and allow it to shine out upward and provide some nice ambient light. Well, that's the theory. Here's the long groove along the top of the windows, and then with panels fitted.

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