July 10, Past Mid-Winter, and we're having a very dry Winter so far. Almost no rain this year, so either we're going to have a 3 month downpour, or water restrictions this Summer.

Have been making headway. A lot of un-seen things happening. I have completed the interior lighting, which is recessed behind the panels just below the Devon Roof system. 2 x 2 meter led strip lights wired to internal light, works perfectly. Need a night photo to demonstrate. Also have bought DB Box and various other Electrics, Ground Sheet, buts and pieces which will be needed on first camp. Have bought a GE Induction single plate stove which will be recessed into the worktop above the fridge. Cupboard plans are in for cutting, and assembly will start shortly.

I managed to collect the re-upholstered front seats today. Marshal did a mega job.


Also completed the cupboard side-wall, so windowsills are in and panels mounted.


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