July 15, all of a sudden a lot has transpired and is coming together. I went shopping with branden,as he knows what the various items are I don't have that I still needed. Got a correct ground sheet, some extra pegs, nice cupboard latches, electrical components like DB Box, Plugs, switches, breakers etc, and also decided to buy the GE Induction single plate stove. Works awesomely. Then got the side cupboard drawings in to my Office refurbisher who has lots of bench saws and access to plenty wood, so got them all cut, and will be starting assembly shortly. he also gave me a large piece of white masonite for Winston's floor, which the decision was to somehow mount a Union jack. Well that was easy, I bought some Vinyl and a large sheet of 1mm clear plastic sheet to cover it once done. Then I scored a luck and found a 2nd hand Hisense Mini fridge, which was the only other outstanding item before I start the cupboards. So, first, had to do the floor..

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