Pleased to say after a few months of owning Winston, I'm really enjoying using him. he drives well, is very comfortable, motor is extremely stable, leakless thankfully, and the build process is coming along nicely, albeit slowly. I got 12 mm Supawood cut to size in preparation for the cupboards. The floor is in, so we can start attempting to lay out the cupboards inside the bus. The design is based on the tried and tested layout, which includes fitting a small fridge directly behind the drivers seat area, as well as a new tech induction hot plate stove on top of the counter, and then a variety of cupboards and drawers, lift up cupboards going all along the right hand side of the bus to the rear. The under-seat compartment is to carry the Gazebo and side-walls and groundsheet, chairs, etc. Once the cupboards are done, I'll then be able to define what goes where.

Together with the cupboard installation, is a proper wiring install, which must include "shore power" 220 V AC and 12 V DC circuitry, all in one. I need to provide power for things like the stove and Battery chargers when we're on shore power, as well as to run the fridge when it's not running in 12 volt mode while driving. This will also include a shore power plug point which I will fit under the bus on the chassis to avoid cutting a hole through the  bodywork, and fitting a DB board and related wiring conduiting to help keep the installation safe and sound.

August Update - with the cupboards all going in, I started getting closer to performing the wiring. The continual stumbling block however was the fridge which has to run irrespective if it's on DC (Via an Inverter) or on Shore power. The above diagram shows this wouldn't work, as at some point, when I switched the van over to Shore power, the inverter would get 220 volts. So, after some thought, and chats with a good friend, Option 2 of the wiring diagram below. Here, the Fridge is constantly connected to DC power, until the van is switched to Shore power. This way there's only one switch to throw. Excellent. 

*** 2017 UPDATE ***

After struggling for a while with this setup, I decided to call it quits and did the fridge upgrade where I converted it to a 12 Volt Compressor. So the fridge now runs directly off the Batteries without a problem. Next summer, I'll be contributing a possible Solar charge controller and a panel so it can be used in Summer via Solar charging.

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