Although it was a cold and slightly wet weekend, I managed to have a successful couple of hours in Winston. The Paramount double-Din head unit I bought has a number of cool features, including a reverse camera view, multiple AV inputs, free GPS Nav system, Video\DVD out for the rear TV, etc. Si I manage to pic up a nice Camera earlier in the week, and then had a LOT of crawling around under the Bus to sort out wiring from the reverse switch, as well as carrying multiple signal cables from the front to the back of the bus. EVENTUALLY it worked. Here's the Camera, just below the numberplate light. It's facing 45 degree's down so you can see behind, but also see the bumper, which is the important part of this feature.

Here's the view on the head unit..

Then I buckled down for some more tedious jobs, like the white backing boards for all the cupboards, as wella s finishing off the floor edges. Here the white backing boards are all in, and awaiting the cupboards, hopefully next weekend. Also collected the upholstered cushions, came out nice, but a little un-aligned. I might ask Marshal to fix this.

Here the rear behind the seat. Matching shaped sides so they can be turned over to help them not flatten out on one side only.

All the white backing boards in place.

Decided its time to be done with the floor, so all the protective covering is up and the edging is down and finished.

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