September, it's SPRING.. Well it's still a bit chilly in the mornings, but Summer's on the way. I'm not big into Winter I must say, however, this one wasn't THAT bad. As far as Winston goes, well we're now a full 7 months into the rebuild. I've been using him for a small drives here and there, but as yet, not yet for an overnight Camp. As is usually the case with me and these projects, (Porsche, paintball, Airsoft, etc) The idea is to get him as close to complete as possible, and then go on a "test" camp with our good friends Branden and Donna and their bus, and we'll then have a better idea of what we need, don't need, what's missing, what's unnecessary, and so on. He's not far away from "being ready" in my opinion, but let's take a look at some pics to see where we are, and what the original idea was.

Originally, both myself and Dee had agreed that Winston would be painted a two-tone red and white, using the same colour as the Speedster was painted with. So I trawled the Interwebs for some examples of what I felt, he would look like.

And here's Winston. Not far off I'd say.

Also, it's very difficult to find the kombi exactly how you want it. I have seen some Pics of red and white kombi's in South Africa, but obviously they aren't for sale, so I had to buy the best I could, and then 'make" him what we wanted. pretty big transformation before and after..

Internally, we spent hours with Branden and Donna and looking at their lovely Bus and the inside, and what my ideas would be with Winston. Dee wanted him to have a UK look and feel, which I agreed, as it was a logical solution for the colour scheme. I took a Pic of Branden's Bus, and then played around with artwork to find the best idea for Winston. Here's the artwork.

Here's Winston. One major change was I thought I'd build a full-height cupboard behind the driver's seat, but I changed my mind. This wasn't necessary in my opinion. Looking good tho.

So, overall I'm pleased. He's turned out pretty much exactly how I envisaged he would, but then, it's always a good idea to have a reference to work towards, as that removes any doubt and confusion. From here, I'd say there's maybe a few weeks of work needed to get him ready to roll, and I'm able to get a lot done while Dee's away.

"To Do" list.

Complete DB Board wiring and plug points under bed and in rear cupboard area
Install 2nd battery in left hand quarter, and wire cabling through National Luna Intelligent charger
Wire 12 Volts to DB Board (Inverter) for Stove to run off
Complete Audio install and fit rear TV Screen
Complete front kick panels and neaten up area
Finish Audio installation with front speakers and possibly make a parcel tray
Silicone front and rear window rubbers
Install new side window scrapers from Just kampers
Dee to help complete interior with cushions and Curtains

Lastly, go over entire interior and perform "touch ups" of paint to clean up all small glitches, and then was and polish\buff to remove all small marks and blemishes on the outside. So far so good.

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