Took a week's leave to catch up on some things, have a Birthday and celebrate my kid's 21st.. How time has flown by.

Managed to get a number of small things sorted. I finally got the fridge to work off the (4th) Inverter, a Samlex 1000 Watt beast. turns out my 86 Ah Batteries are not enough singularly to deal with the start-up load, so, after I ran yet another 16mm feed from the second battery to the Inverter, did the fridge then start up and run without issues. SUPER happy about that.

Heritage day, and we planned to join the guys from Aircooled going in to Heritage day at Killarney Track. Anyway, somehow we were forgotten about, so ended up going in with Branden and the cars, Dee in Winston, myself in the Speedster, Branden's and Darryl's Triumph. Nice day all in all. Set up our Gazebo, and had a nice, relaxing day.

Continued to work on finishing off things on Winston. Nico my other Bus mate had a family issue to sort out and decided to sell his deluxe Bus. He happened to have a Cubbyhole cover which he very kindly donated, so I got that fitted today. finished off the dash nicely.

Then Dee and myself decided to buckle down on the curtains. We're plotting a day out up in Hermanus next weekend at the Whale Festival, so needed to try get as much completed as we could. After a few hours of sewing, and some mistakes on material measurements, we have 3 windows done. Dee did an awesome job on the sewing.

Looking the business now, and very cozy in the back. I also decided to try improve my rear lights and their visibility. I don't have any form of reflectors inside the lenses, so I stuck in some aluminium foil, it makes such a difference, and the lights are SO much more visible now.

And to prepare for any trips, or even beach drives, we've now bought all the food stuffs and sauces, plates and cups, coffee, tea and condiments and loaded up the cupboards. We're basically ready to roll.

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