For the in-car entertainment, I bought the same unit I fitted in Dee's car, which is a Double-Din in-car entertainment unit from Paramount. It's an Eastern Import unit with a lot of features, at a very good price. The idea was to have consistency between both cars, and so Dee was then also familiar with the unit.

The unit features the usual 6 station per frequency pre-stored radio, it's got a 7" I think HD screen, a DVD\CD player, multiple external inputs, including SD cars and USB ports which I like, and also a very good little free GPS Nav system, Bluetooth connectivity. It has a built in amp, plus RCA outputs, and a multitude of other trick add ons like rear view camera which I installed, and AV inputs (So I can watch Gopro footage), AV outputs, which I've wired to the rear, and bought a portable HD LED TV for as well. All in all, it's great value for money. R 3 200-00 last one I bought.

Here you can see the small reverse Camera above the numberplate. I can confidently reverse the Bus to within a few mm's of another car or object just by watching the screen. very cool..

The Sinotec HD TV is also very light, and can stand on the counter, or hang from the roof. It's got multiple inputs, allowing us to possibly watch movies via the USB input, or you can browse through the photographs or Gopro footage taken during the day. It's a very cool addition tot he mobile functionality of this Bus.

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