So, we managed to have a pretty successful first Camp with Winston up at Onrus. a few small things still needed to be sorted out, but on the whole, he camps pretty well. I think I've sorted out the rear part of the mattress. It just felt "wrong", and with a small addition of some sponge under the rear part, it feels a lot better. I also managed to finally commit a few hours and got the front window scrapers and beading replaced with the new parts from Just Kampers in the UK.

The funny side of this was the size of the Parcel from Just Kampers waiting for Dee when she got to her Mum's place.. See Pic. The discussion was how THAT was going to fit into her suitcase to come back to Cape Town..

Eventually I got round to doing them. Basic out with the old and replace with the new, and a bit of patience and care. now looking brand new and seals almost perfectly. And makes a solid thunk when you close the doors now.

I also got round to taking off the stock oil sump off the motor and fitted a new, heavy-duty thicker sump with magnetic center-draining bolt, and filled gim up with Diesel motor oil, apparently helps to lower the motors running temperature.. so for now, all good.

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