Mid October, been a little quiet lately. Firstly, I had a little accident at home 3 weeks ago. Dee and me decided to make some "eyes" on Winston's windscreen sun shield, just for the fun of it. I bought some coloured Vinyl, and we made the eyes. Winston now has his Mojo".

However, during this process, while walking between Winston and the lounge Window, I managed to push on the semi-open window, which promptly shattered, and I stuck my left arm through up to the elbow. The resultant fright made me pull my arm out, and I promptly turned my forearm into shredded beef! So Dee rushed me to the Blouberg Netcare Hospital where I was admitted to ICU for 2 days.. Now 3 weeks later, stitches are out, and the wrist\ligaments are slowly healing, and movement is starting to come back to me.

a multitude of things all went wrong at this time. On our return from our first Camp out in Onrus, I started to hear a different "grinding" noise over the normal engine noise. I got hold of a workshop in Parow and got the bus taken there for them to investigate. I thought it was release bearing or clutch driven, as I couldn't hear it while the engine was idling or out of gear. Anyway, the mechanic had his thoughts, and went round the corner to a big Cape Town VW workshop\expert, who also claimed without a doubt that it was a main bearing in the motor! Not the news I wanted to hear, but I still didn't believe them.

The workshop manager suggested he get an old "Oom Kallie" from Worcester who's his goto man for VW related stuff to come through and take a look\listen. I had nothing to lose, except time, so, agreed. He eventually came round, and said it's a problem in the gearbox\drivetrain side of things, nothing wrong with the motor or bearings. So, I gave him the go-ahead to pull the motor and box out, and got my other mate Motti at Sparklight gearboxes to collect the box, which is where we currently are. So hopefully all will get properly repaired and fixed up, and then I asked the workshop manager to do a few small jobs, including to check the Starter Motor, check the Bowden tube on re-installation, and to fit the fuel cut-off valve I bought, which will then all be done in the next few days, and Winston will be ready to go. More in a few days time.

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