February 2016.

been doing some small modifications inside Winston based on our last camping trip where we listed a few things we needed to change, or add, to make him work better. One of them was a remote Switch panel in order to turn things like the Inverter, and plug points for appliances on and off.

Another mod was to make up a front "Parcel tray". This is a shelf below the dash, which you can carry things with on your travels. These are well available in the UK and such, but not locally. So I decided to buy two strips of Aluminium Flat bar, and do some free bending by hand. I nailed it first time. So pop-riveted the frame together, then wrapped it in that Plastic Cable wrap for some added strength, and lastly, I weaved some Ripcord around the frame and the Supawood panels. Then two correctly positioned arms up to the base of the dashboard, and it was done. All I need to add is some rubber matting.

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