April 2016.

Well it's been a while. Can't say much has happened. Our friends Branden and Donna had a baby, and so our camps have stopped for now. Winston's been awesome, and not much really to do, but I'd always wanted to give him a little more power, and so I managed to source a 2nd hand pair of EMPI Weber replica Carbs for not much money.

Not really bad condition, but naturally dirty, old, and neglected. Got 'em on the bench, and gave them a quick once over strip-down and clean. Wanted to get an idea of how they ran, so, one Saturday, ripped out the single PICT34 and fitted the twins. Got the bus to run, idle ok, but he wouldn't run without some hop, skip and jumping.. So decided I should do what I need to and replace jets, gaskets, and also do some small mods to the manifolds.

Here with the new air filters from Dave at FFF.

In the engine bay. They do look really small in there, and let me add, they are a BITCH to fit due to space constraints.. my back!

Anyway, they're out again, the Single's back in just so we can use Winston now and then, and I'm going to refurb these carbs to the best of my ability. First things I can do while I wait for the Jets, springs etc, and my own dual carb balancer, I decided to notch the base of the manifolds to help balance them across the Pistons, and then polished as best I could the internals. Quite happy with the results. Next I need to tap and fit a cross-balancing tube with threaded barbed hose fittings. Soon.

Awesome day today. So this week I dropped off the manifolds at a local shop to get two nozzles welded on. Got them back and they were great. Drilled the Nozzles open to 8 mm, and cleaned them up.

Got my Hex bar linkage, some larger recommended jets, and a Snail-type carb balancer. So stripped the carbs again, cleaned them well, made 100% linkages were all centered, balanced etc, put in new jets, and started the installation.

Installed Paper gaskets and got the manifolds in with nice thick rubber hose connected to each one round the rear of the fan housing, so all 4 cylinders are essentially "balanced". Got the carbs on, and then spent hours with the linkage system. Moved the Coil out the way, cleaned up cabling, got everything to seat back to neutral and made certain nothing jammed. pre-set the carb mixture screw to 2 full turns out, and started the car. After the Carb bowls filled up, he fired and idles perfectly. I literally spent about 20 minutes with the idle adjustment checking the meter on each carb, and then closed everything up, fitted the air filters, and took him round the block. Perfect, idles down around 700 rpm's, is dead smooth.. Rather proud of this setup I must say.

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