May 2016.

As people, we are always on the lookout for a good deal aren't we. We're always hoping to buy a bargain, weather it be to re-sell it, or to keep it, or to destroy it, whatever the reason, a deal is part of the game, the hunt for that cheap piece. But then, in the back of your mind, there's a wise old voice that chirps up, cheaper is not always better, or it's your Dad, or a good friend. And so it came to be, that my attempt to find a "good deal" last month, turned round to bite me in the ass. That good deal on the EMPI Carbs, well, let me say, I've now officially learnt my lesson with EMPI. LISTEN to those who have experience in these products, and don't try and prove them wrong.

While I DID get them to run pretty well, they started leaking where EVERYONE said they would, along the butterfly shaft which essentially renders them useless, and made Winston a mobile fire-hazard. So, I ate humble pie wrote off a few grand, asked my good friends at Eurocarb Limited in the UK if they could help me out with a better price, and then committed to UPS couriers and flew in a pair of Webers, GENUINE ICT's.

Set all the jets, made sure everything was correct, tight, whatever, and 2 hours later, Winston started and was idling at 700 rpm's. DEADLY accurate return to idle as I have my own Carb Balancer now, and this tool also helps to set dual carbs properly. Also decided it was time to replace the oil since the motor rebuild in December. So only 900 something km's in 4 months, he really isn't being worked hard, but he IS becoming a lot more stable, and reliable.

Here, my DIY McGuiver to make oil fills easier. Impossible to get a filler in the hole on this motor down there, so I put a hole through the rear, and fill it from here.

The new Carburettors installed, and everything working 100% in the Engine bay. Also pictured, my own DIY assisted cooling. I installed these ducts to help route cool air coming in the vents to the "front" of the motor so it goes into the fan housing cooler than the ambient air on the engine bay. Some forum members claim this won't make any difference, but my logical mind feels it does, so I'll leave them there for now, they certain can't hurt.

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