July 2016

Cold, and not REALLY Campable weather right now, so we "fettle" and modify when we get the chance. Dee's asked for arm rests, as she finds the front seats a little uncomfortable without being able to put her arms anywhere. I checked local gumtree classifieds, and picked up two Golf Mk 1 armrests for a hundred bucks. Cleaned them up, left them black as covering them would be very difficult, and the rest of the door controls are black. Half an hour later, they were on, and look good.

Here's some current Pics of Winston as he stands now. Ready and waiting to go for a camp.

Clean and sparkling. Chromed and polished.

Installed an external FM Antenna for the Radio.

Also stuck a piece of rubber in the front grill to stop cold air coming into the cabin for Winter.

All the exterior trimmings are now replaced, new, clean, chromed, and done.

Cockpit area.

Arm Rests look right at home.

Dash all complete, Parcel trays done.

Been trying to source a spare Dash binnacle in case, but the current market has them priced way too high. Rev Counter looks good and works perfectly.

Rear area.

Cushions by Dee.

Will replace the floor rubber as soon as I can find a complete unit.

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