Catchup Posts

This is a quick catchup. Missed updates on our Camping trips. This was Camping trip # 2 - Berg River in January. 40 degree's, too hot really. We literally spent the entire two days in the river in front of the Campsite. Lovely campsite, but a little noisy in holiday season. We'll definitely go back here, and soon, probably our first camp this year.

Following Betty and her parents towards the Franschoek Valley and the Campsite.

The Campsite, it was FULL and we got there early on Friday afternoon.. Did our best to get as close to the River as we could.

We had everything here, and the setup was great. And with these two old Kombi's comes a HEAP of attention.. We had visitors through the two busses both days. 

Stunning views of the River and the Mountains.

We were so thankful for this river, and sat and chatted for two days.. Oh we also drifted down the river on tyre tubes which was awesome.

Yes, we needed that umbrella for the sun, thats why I had a shirt on, I was burning up.. Can't wait to do it again.

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