Catchup Post number 2

This was Camping trip # 3 - Bonnievale. It was during the weekend of the "Wacky Wine Festival", and we were supposed to be joined by Derek Serra and his girlfriend and their bus, but they unfortunately broke down in Robertson, and while I tried to help fix his "wasserboxer", it wouldn't run. Anyway, we headed through to Bonnievale ourselves, and had our first "solo" campout. Gorgeous location, but in the middle of Winter, it was SERIOUSLY  freezing for our liking.

After the Camp, the Sunday was a long day as we ventured down South to visit the Southern most tip of the Continent of Africa, Le' Agulhas. And then from there, catch 3 lighthouses on our trip back home.

The roadtrip for the weekend. Round trip of 620 Km's.. I needed to know WInston can do this and was mechanically sound.

Going through the tunnel. First time with Winston.

If you squint, you'd think it was the South of France.

The campsite view that greeted us.

As it was only a one-nighter, I didn't set up anything except to cook and relax together.


Our Neighbours.

Sundown. What a view.

Winston was running flawlessly..

Morning mist and around 4 or 5 degree's C.. it was a CHILLY but cosy evening.

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