January 2017

Christmas has come and gone, and well, we just weren't as active this year as we were last year. A lot of time has been spent at friends, and functions, and hardly any camps. One of the updates that happened was a Carb re-visit, and in doing so, we discovered the Accuspark Points module was semi-toast. So we pulled that and have reverted back to stock points. Carbs are also good.

I also fitted another remote camera in the engine bay with a light, which allows me to monitor the motor and engine bay while driving. I also updated the rear view camera with distance features.


Then, towards the end of Jan, our other Kombi\Camping couple dropped a bombshell saying Betty, their 72 lowlight was up for sale. Unfortunate, but I'm sure they will still go camping with their bakkie.

In preparation for single camps, and possibly campsites with no electricity, I have also decided to modify Winston, but either upgrading the Fridge to a 12 Volt Compressor, or if that can't be done successfully, the replace with a Waeco 50L 12 Volt Fridge, which allows the fridge to run off a battery. So some new mods soon, and a few camps planned in the next 2 months.

And this all happened faster than I expected. I got hold of a nice guy on Gumtree and after some discussion, I committed and took the fridge down to his farm on the way to Malmesbury earlier this week. He quoted a mere R 2800-00 for a full 12 volt conversion, including a PC power supply to run it off AC as well. Yesterday he called and said ready for collection. So headed back down there after collecting the Waeco I bought in case of.. Back home, and a bit of wiring done, its back in and working 100%. I have also added a LED to signal when the Compressor is on, as well as a Temp sensor to show the temp inside the fridge. Pics of installation.

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