Feb 2017

So I decided I needed to put some more effort into Winston. Primary objective was to refresh my electrical installation, and focusing on the fridge. I had always gone down the route that the fridge would be able to work off an inverter, as that's what I had seen happen. Reality however didn't work like this, and after 3 inverters, I left it as is, to function only on Shore Power. THAT, needed to change.

So, after some searching and enquiring on forums, I got in contact with a guy called Robin MacNair, a Refridgeration specialist who works on his farm just outside Malmesbury. He said it was all theoretically possible, but wanted to see the fridge. He could change out the compressor for a 12V unit, as well as fit a PC power supply for when I wanted it to work of AC power. After sending him a few Pics, I arranged to drop it off at his farm. At the same time, I bought a 2nd hand Waeco portable fridge, (220/12/Gas) in case this didn't work.

A week later, Robin called and said it's ready for collection. When I got down there to collect, he had it running on max setting on the thermostat, and the temp showed -0.7 C! I was super impressed. I wasn't going to have to re-design the cupboards for the other fridge (which I REALLY didn't want to do), and the good old Hisense was running off 12 volts.

Here, the original back of the fridge, the 220 V Compressor.

Here, after the conversion! Almost identical compressor.. He couldn't fit the PC power supply in that back corner on the right hand side, but I have enough spare space in the Cupboard.

Did a 4 hour test once it was all wired up in Winston. Also fitted 2 LED Voltmeters to measure the two batteries. The start of the test.

An hour in between each picture.

Below I opened the door to see what the thermostat was on, so the unit temp went up a little.

So, idling along at 2 amps, thermostat on setting 2, it dropped almost 12 degree's, and was comfortably cool inside. Happy days. I've ordered a flexible 100 Watt Solar Panel from overseas which hopefully will get to me, and that will go on the roof, and will power the fridge, or charge the battery in sunshine. Job done.

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