February 25th

Next campout had been scheduled, and we were experimenting here. Beaverlac was the Campsite, which doesn't have electricity, so it's all self-sufficient, and the second big thing was, we were taking the Pugs with. I'd got the fridge sorted out and we were off. 2 hours and some change up the N7 towards Namibia out of Cape Town, through Malmesbury, then off at Pieketberg, and then along this rutted sand road for a couple of Km's, make very certain your bus is WELL put together for this trip, and the rubber seals are all in place and working.

The climb up a pretty steep road with no barriers was quite an eye-opener, and the 4 or so km DOWNHILL into the campsite on a very steep, rocky sand road was a REAL stomach churner. The next day it also provided for some un-wanted anxiety that we'd even be able to drive out of the site, but Winston managed with dirty, flying colours..

Below some pics.

The hectic road DOWN to the campsite.

Campsite quite pleasant, with some nice rockpools.

And the next day, out and back home.

Sand Roads. urgh.

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