November 2018

Welcome back. After MONTHS of a very heavy Winter in Cape Town this year, and a lot of water catchups happening due to Cape Town almost running dry last year, we're all back and getting into camp moods. One thing Dee and myself noticed previously, was Winston get's a little claustrophobic at night with the rear door closed. It also stops any airflow, and you don't sleep well. After experimenting with lying "the other way round" with our heads in the middle of the Van, it was a lot more comfortable and "spacious".

Sooo, here's a new project for Winston, project "BACK DOOR TENT". Essentially, what also transpired over last Summer was we managed to break the Gazebo I had for Winston's side door. With that, I had a number of side walls, and we decided upon purchasing a new 3 Meter wide Gazebo, that we'd be using the old walls to fabricate a DIY rear door tent. YES, they exist, but they cost an internal body part, so we're making a DIY system.

Here, you can see the bed area in Winston. While cosy, in our 30 plus degree Summers, it get's VERY hot in there, and you need air-flow.

This is a bed extension tent system, which I don't want, but it shows the additional space the rear door can offer.

This is more what I want. A "tent" or room extension which offers additional head space in the rear area, and also an additional room which you could use for a small changeroom, possibly even a shower.. My example will not feature zips and windows, but will attach to Winston's rear, and strap over the top of the rear door when open, and will be pegged at the bottom, to offer a reasonable additional space.

UPDATE. We are preparing for another Camp at Berg River resort in 3 weeks' time, so I'm pushing to get things ready. The Tent room sort of works, and is good enough to try it out.