September 2021

Alright, so, up to date. What has been happening. Well, camp-wise, nothing much. HOWEVER. This happened as we came out of Winter. The July edition had an article in it, 'Pimp out your classic van". A gent by the name of Matthew came round, and we took the van to the beach and he did this photoshoot for Getaway Magazine. Good fun, and it's published in the July edition.

Anyway, not too long ago, Dee decided to stop working, and the plan is to send her to the UK so she can spend some time with her Mum and Sis and Godmother, who are both over the 90's in age. So, we decided to try get another camp in as it's started to warm up, and before Dee goes. We then get contacted by a FILM CREW for "INSIDER SA", that do programs on SABC 3, they LOVED the photoshoot etc, and contacted Dee to do something, and, well, the Mossel Bay trip is all planned and ready. We are leaving Thursday morning 16th, and going to 'chase" Cape St Blaze Lighthouse, and see whatever else we can see. More to follow soon.

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