Early February, Winston's been gone for close on 3 weeks now. I understand the guys have to work on all the cars there, but progress has been a little slow. I went and had a chat, took a pic or two, progress is coming along, and I'm certain he's going to look amazing when I do finally get him back. Together with this, I've started preparing the interior build. I bought 20 meters of Beige and Royal Blue vinyl, as well as some really cool curtain material.

Branden has been super helpful, and collected my sliding windows from the panel shop last week, and has managed to make me some stunning window surrounds, which will certainly help to finish off the interior and the windows themselves very nicely. Some pics. Buddy, your work is VERY impressive.

Winston was in my opinion in pretty good condition considering he's 42 years old, and I couldn't see much rust at all. My panelbeaters agree, he's in very good shape. The front nose is the usual rust spot, as well as the sides where you step up to get into the Bus. So they have ground down and cut out the bad metal, and are busy welding back new steel. The sides of the busy also have some small waves in them which will be sanded flat and filled slightly to get them flat. Once sprayed, he's going to look superb.

Got some more Pics of rus detected, and hidden with Body putty.. So, going on to 2 months now, but the job is being done properly.

Poorly fitted front Window Rubber..

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