Weekend, time to work. PLENTY rain Friday nite, so Saturday was an early but urgent run to Glasfit in Montague Gardens. Guys were ready and waiting for me, and it literally took them an hour, and all three windows were back in and sorted. Much easier than me and Brandon sweating and bleeding and cursing.

Sorted. dash home, do some measuring for the replacement door and side panels, then down to Builders, and two sheets of Masonite later, all the panels are more or less cut. Also got more glue, paint, screws etc, and then back home and more work.

Re-looked at all the doors now that I had daylight, and also new rubber, which hadn't expanded. So did another refit on all the doors, and got the stuff to fit perfectly, doors don't stand out much now. Also did some more dynamat on the insides of the front doors, and did some paint touchups on the sliding door. Lastly, a wrapped one of the window sills in Beige Vinyl. Will try get one in place tomorrow.

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