Dee's Mini Cooper S

So for as long as I've known Dee, she has always wanted a Mini, but they have really been out-priced and completely out of our price range. Lately I started searching the markets again as I felt it was time for Dee to get her dream car, and I managed to find a great deal on a Cooper S Convertible. We both enjoyed the Speedster roof down motoring very much, and when the weather's good in Cape Town, nothing beats a cruise around with the roof down.

So I bought the car on the sly, got it into mini for a quick inspection, and then one day when Dee went out on a photoshoot, I got it home, and wrapped it up for her.

Dee eventually came home, and peered through the gate as I had parked Winston across the gate.. And she freaked out. Pics are not clear, but you get the idea.

Latest news. I managed to source a 2nd hand Wind Deflector for the rear seat, just in time for this coming Summer, as we enjoy the roof down motoring, but the wind beats you up. This was a GREAT find.