The latest, and in my opinion most painful job to date was to replace the gear linkage and bush in the chassis tunnel. This took well over 8 hours of seriously tedious, painful and highly frustrating work to get it replaced. Now feels like a proper gearbox and linkage.

So, this is a breakdown of what I've had to do on this car since I've bought it, and it outlines exactly in what terrible condition it WAS in.

Starting from the front and moving back.

  1. replaced hooter with Fiamm twin air horns with 30 amp relay & wiring updated

  2. headlights loose, stripped and re-furbished them - subsequently purchased and replaced headlights with brand new units from the USA supplier

  3. replaced swollen battery and cleaned out leaked battery acid

  4. replaced king and link pins - re-aligned wheels

  5. replaced 4 tires with pirelli 205 60 15's

  6. replaced brake master cylinder and refurbished, re-piped brake circuits, replaced handbrake cables, replaced brake shoes

  7. replaced fuse box and associated fuses, cleaned up faulty wiring

  8. repaired steering column wiring and hooter circuit

  9. re-upholstered interior and seats to tan colour

  10. replaced side mirrors with genuine 356 Speedster mirrors from Germany

  11. replaced gear linkage and bush

  12. repaired Bowden Tube inside tunnel and fitted correct tube end on clutch cable

  13. replaced leaking solex carb with twin 36 mm ICT Weber Carbs

  14. replaced all leaking fuel hoses and fuel filter repositioned outside motor housing for safety reasons

  15. replaced faulty coil with new coil

  16. replaced engine wiring and removed un-wanted broken cabling

  17. replaced starter motor with new unit

  18. tightened up almost every nut and bolt in engine bay - Everything was loose, or rattling loose, or had fallen out

  19. Big project to replicate rear lenses with resin and coloured tints, 80% successful, but similar to headlights, also purchased new rear lights and chrome bezels from the USA supplier

This list was as of 4 months since the car was purchased. Pretty much almost replaced every faulty item on the car. Right now it's great fun to drive, but I know it's going to have a lot more work required, like replace shocks, end of March it's being completely re-sprayed and should look brand new. Then re-install all the brightwork and new lights and beading.

It was now time to take the car into the Bodyshop and get the BIG refurb done, repaint, and chassis treatment completed.

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