Almost ready...

Week 6 since the car went in to get worked on. It's been a long month, but I've been keeping busy with preparing for when the car comes back. My new roof arrived from the USA as well as my shine up number plate light. In order to improve the interior noise, I've bought a box of Dynamat from the local Hot Rod Magazine agents. Once the car's back, I'll be building some mods in the kick panels, and squaring off the tunnel, and then fitting the entire chassis and sidewalls with Dynamat. Once that's all done, we'll then be getting custom fitted carpeting down.

I also bought a new 36 HP Shroud for the motor, which will help to clean up the engine, and give it a much cleaner look. Something like this.

I decided to redo the door panels, and add some correct pattern\pockets, thanks to my local upholsterer.

I've been to get the last few things sorted at the shop, including getting my home-made scripts done, sprayed gold and clear coated, but here are pics of how he looks now.

During re-assembly of various things, I spent an hour on the Windscreen getting it carefully fitted in the newly chromed frame, and it cracked! So, forked out another 3 grand for a new imported windscreen, and then after discussions with the local fitters, I was told to use Sikaflex to get it in, and Silicone it closed, so for now, it's in the frame, sealed, and hopefully strong. Am VERY afraid of bolting it tight into the car.. Time will tell.

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