17th May, FINALLY... I went through and collected the car with the help of Kieron my son. Drove home absolutely crapping myself the Rozzers would stop me for having a ridiculously un-roadworthy car, but we made it..


And then, I got it home, and wasn't really sure what to do first, so kind of did nothing for a few hours.. It was such a mental thing to finally have it back home.. The photo's don't actually do it justice how stunning it came out. I'm really over the moon with the finish. It's exactly the tint of rich, dark red I wanted, but the camera doesn't expose the light properly.

Eventually I had to do something, so the first thing I do, I took off the rear boot lid, and glued in the first of the new Weatherproofing door rubbers I bought. Although not pictured, I also painted under the boot lid and in the grill's rain catch a satin black, and the hinges a machine silver. I'll be doing a full motor refurb with the new red shroud etc in a few months time.


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