The next day, I got seriously stuck in. I'd made a decision to rebuild the car as closely as possible to an original Speedster. This required a number of changes. My seats for one would have to change. The originals never had that lump headrest on the top. The interior is the main area where the changes would occur. The chassis, although it's a beetle pan, needs the tunnel to be squared off. Something I could do. Also, the cars acoustics are terrible, so I decided to dynamat the chassis and plastic kick panels etc. Then I'd be getting a good carpet guy to do the carpeting properly, with a base layer. The dash has to change, with lots I need to do cosmetically.

Here's a Pic of a Properly build Speedster dash. Top is covered, there's a strip of cushioned paneling along the middle, the eyebrow covered, and the legendary 3 dials. Ivory switches, and awesome 4 stitch "oatmeal" carpeting. Also, the footwell paneling can be seen under the black rubber.

So, time to get to work.. Gonna be a busy few months.. Passenger footwell, with new masonite panel glued in place. and square tunnel modification done. Driver's floor with the first Dynamat already in place.


Here you can see the custom footpanel for the drivers side, behind the pedals. Once all carpeted, this will have a nice piece of black rubber fitted to help finish the interior off.


The Pugs kind of like the "hole" in the back seat.. Ok Dad, let's go already...

The 3 gauges are almost finished. This was a project helped out by Steven Hardisty for re-drawing them for me, and Sean Millard of Minuteman Press in the UK for Printing them on Matt Vinyl.. Here's a before and after of the all-important "Combo" gauge.. Features Oil Temp, Fuel Gauge, Oil Pressure warning light, generator light and brights, as well as a "reserve" light for fuel.

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