Carrying on with the job at hand, and that's the sound-proofing. 9 1/2 sheets of Dynamat, in such a small car!! Oh well, it's done now. I basically cut it into manageable sizes, and used a small roller, and then used the back ends of Screw Drivers, the rounded edges, to press roll the matting down and into the corners. Once it's down, it's down. This was an expensive little task considering what it's doing, but, it hopefully does quiet the ride down and give the interior a better accoustic climate.






While this has been going on, I was attempting to re-create all the scripts and badges myself. I did get a chap to re-draw and cut them out of perspex, but they REALLY didn't work properly, and my sizes were all wrong. I then got in touch with a really good chap called Tom in the USA, who also has a Speedster, and happened to answer my request\plea for any old scripts someone might have up for grabs. Turns out he replaced his, which all still look good enough for me, and with a few other new items from Beck Speedsters, I've got the badges on their way in the next few weeks. HAPPY DAYS.

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