Weekend again, Dee working, I got straight in. Removed rear engine lid as it's not sitting properly with the new weathering rubber, so need to work that out.. Also, the idea was to redo the light wiring. Basically measured up, found positions for the lights to be mounted, and then change tack and started the front end.

My aim is to not only rebuild the car, but try to put the bits back on with as much support, and protective rubber\sponge, to help seal it all, and to give it a better finish. The new paint job requires the car to look a lot better than it did, and to be built properly, something the previous owners and their mechanics just neglected. Thanks to Manny in JHB, he supplied me with a manual on the various dimensions of where everything must be correctly mounted Front grills, these are now correctly positioned, 90 mm's down from the headlight mounting bolt, and 13 mm's inwards.


The indicators and horn grills were previously mounted on a slightly raised section on the body, which I had removed to look more original. I also retro-fitted some old Bike reflectors inside the Bee-hive glass lenses to give them the proper Orange Indicator look. The Horn Grills also got a new rubber base. Looks ten times better.



The headlights never fitted properly in their mounting frame, so I ran a thin weather proofing foam base around the hole, and then mounted the headlights, so the cavity behind the lights is now sealed from pooling water, which also rusts the lights from the inside out. They look awesome with the new innards and new Chrome Bezels.

Last to do today was the front bumper. Not exactly the best mounting system, and it's a fibreglass bumper, but it does finish the car off properly. All that's left is the bonnet handle and the latch mechanism, and then the front's done. Amazing that just these few things took me the best part of an entire day, because the process was so drawn out to finish it off with the best detail, no mistakes, and so it all looks perfect. I'm VERY pleased.

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