Had a week with good friends over from the USA, so nothing much got done at all. I had also struck up a great deal with a Mr Tom Blankinship in the USA, who I "met" on the Speedsterowners.com forum.. I managed to persuade him to part with his old scripts and badges for a few hundred bucks. I also then purchased a proper rear view mirror and the two side Speedster scripts from Beck Speedsters in the USA, and had Tom send all the bits to me. These arrived a few days ago. With this, my friend Louis also brought me over a new replacement Pulley Set from the States, which will be getting fitted in the next few months.

The next priority was to get the gauges finished, and wired up and in the car. I was keen to see if they all worked, and that's been the past few evenings worth of work.


Another issue I've been a little nervous of was the Windscreen. after cracking the original screen doing almost nothing to it, I was dreading fitting this screen and getting it all tightened up without having any issues. I managed to measure where the new Screen frame holes go, drilled them out, fitted the screen and supporting rubber and tightened it all up. I was most relieved once this was done, and the car was now also starting to look how it should once again.


Then, the rest of this week was spent trying to fathom out electrical and wiring issues. These beetles have a strange voltage setup and earth issues going on behind the clock, not just a simple process of earthing a light, so after a couple of hours of frustration, blowing fuses and some time googling the problems, I finally managed to get everything on the dash wired correctly, working, and closed. Tightened up the steering column, and fitted the gauges into the dashboard. The scripts arrived from the USA, so I managed to fix that one onto the dash as well as the chrome beading. I think the finished result is near perfect from the "aim" picture below that I've been working towards.


My "AIM" dash below, and on the right, what my car's dash is currently looking like.

And, taking a look at what it looked like when I got it below.

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