June, 6 months since I bought this car, and 2 months since I started the rebuild, and it's almost finished. I'd like to say it's a completely different car now, and has been redone properly this time. The previous build was "bare basics", with absolutely no concept of originality, and the quality was poor to say the least. Although, let's be honest, it is a 30 year old motor car, so time has also taken it's toll. I'll call this a "Facelift" for my car. The comparison pictures show the change, especially to the dashboard layout.



I managed to install the last few items to go on the car, including the chrome beading strips and the Porsche scripts. The quarter Tonneau Cover, and also the new Tenax fasteners. That was another stress install as I had to re-drill 15 holes around the rear bodywork to fit the new, smaller fastener bases.

The rear had the scripts stuck on and finished off the car so much better. I also changed the center light in the number plate light to be a 3rd Brake Light, for a little added visibility.

The side trim was installed according to Spec. Correct height above wheel arches, and correct overhang. It's also the small things that help to finish off the car's overall look. "The devil is in the details as they always say". The two new Speedster scripts were also installed above the body trim on each side panel, and I also fitted a Reutter Custom Coachwork badge on the driver's side door quarter as per the original.


The nose had it's script put on to finish off the front. I also fitted new Semi-sealed Lights in the front housings, after the previous "sealed beams" I bought a month ago blew!, the car hadn't even driven and they popped! NEVER use sealed beams.


A few hours later, side mirrors on, done, dusted. Door panels back on and the handles on. Essentially, I'm done. I need to get him in for Carpeting now.



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