Nearing the end now. I found an upholsterer nearby my office in Claremont, and the guy's getting himself going, so I sourced the exact carpet for the job, bought 2 meters' and delivered the car to Anthony over the weekend. I decided based on scouring the net for weeks what I wanted the car to look like inside. The Carpet is known as the Tapestries range, and looks a dead ringer for a German square weave design. Bloody expensive too, as it's 100% wool and imported.. Here are pics once I got the car back home. I also started installing the finish trim on the door entry gaps.

Also, I had previously mentioned I was going to try make the interior as close to original as I could, and I was going to replace the seats with the smaller 356 seats, but after chatting with my mate Tony, I decided to rather keep the seats I have, as they are perfect, and work great in this car.

Nice detail of the carpet around the pedal area.

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