Continuing with the next major upgrade, I decided it was time to get the motor out and ready for the new heads. My kid came round and helped drop the motor, which came out pretty easily considering. I then stripped it down, and proceeded to clean it up, and then my good friend Tony Zenger came round with the newly pre-built heads, and we spent a few hours installing them and catching up. He has a very Rude beetle called ANGRRR, and it is SERIOUSLY fast..

Anyway, I've continued to be extra vigilant on the re-installation of all the bits, including replacing the air cooler and the sieve and sump plate with a new, heavier duty plate. Mine was absolutely knackered. I have also used a very good quality Engine Sealant\gasket maker in conjunction with the new gaskets, and painted the entire casing. Some Pics.

here you can see the dust from the repaint still covering the motor and Engine bay. I'll be cleaning this all up during the process, this engine and the bay is going to be perfect.

All the tinware out, washed, and ready for Matt Black spray paint.

Here's the new Shroud.

And fitted with new Chrome Back Plate and Matt Sprayed Alternator.

The newly built heads, with all new internals.

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