Next evening, got Kieron round, and attacked it. Motor bay was cleaned and readied, then we dropped the motor on the ground,. slid it under the car as it didn't fit on the jack, then lifted it with the exhausts up and got the jack under it, with a brick and and a piece of wood, and then jacked it back up, and wiggled, swore, fluked, wiggled, panted, rested, more wiggles, and raised and lowered the jack, and the motor EVENTUALLY slipped on. Bloody hell.. I REALLY hope I never do this with this car again.

All the Tinware bolted on nicely, and ready to go in.

My cool new Pulley.

Inlet Manifolds sprayed, and carbs cleaned.

Tadaa... After a LOT of shoving and bumping.. Motor in.. I also had to drill a new, higher angled hole for the Carb cable, which this time I did while the Shroud was out, and didn't "graze" the oil cooler. Here it's losely in, needs the rear cooling tin bolted in and the sides bolted onto the Engine tin. The Alternator in, and Alternator stand\oil filler fitted and bolted down.

Nice and clean. Going to look awesome soon.

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