I immediately started working on the car that night it arrived, my idea was to get him clean and through roadworthy as my first main objective, once that was done,  I could do what I wanted as then, he was mine. So, cleaned up the front boot area, and bought a couple of "car related" items, as this was going to be my main focus for the next couple of months.

New Battery, stripped and serviced headlights, painted the interior housings and refitted them, wired in new Lighting Plugs and wiring, mounted new Fiam twin air horn hooters and relays, interior, started fixing wiring, and generally cleaning up. Also bought a pair of Dual Weber Carbs off a forum, but had problems with the linkage system, so put them aside for future use. Cleaned up rear lights and lenses to help clear roadworthy. The lenses are melted due to a faulty brake system leaving the rear brakes binding, the brake lights on, and thus, melting the lenses.

Managed to track down some local suppliers and spares shops for VW's. Found a 2nd "small" Windscreen wiper arm, and bought some wipers, cut down and modified to work on the small windscreen. All of this was primary jobs required simply to get through roadworthy, but it was coming along.

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